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Computer Science

For Humans

Explaining Computers

One Human to Another


Our Services

Personalized Software Development Coaching

Professional Code Reviews

Project Troubleshooting

Learn New Programming Languages

Pair Programming

Programming Career Advice

Programming Tutoring


You CAN understand software development.

We are here to help.


Whether you are new to this whole programming thing,

Or your professor glossed over an important topic,

Or you want to take your programming to the next level,

Or you just need a second pair of eyes for your code.

We would love to help.

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Who We Are

Reagan founded Computer Science for Humans with the goal to make programming knowledge and expertise more accessible to regular people.

Most people think you have to be a genius to be a programmer, but all you really need is patience and determination. And occasionally, a bit of guidance to spring you along your path.

Our goal at Computer Science for Humans is to give you the tools you need to take your programming to the next level, whether you are just learning or a hardened veteran.

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